Artist Statement


           I am interested in artmaking mainly because of its potential for storytelling. Growing up as a queer boy in the Midwest throughout the 90’s, I just didn’t encounter any stories that reflected my life or the things I would encounter as an adult. This lack of representation is what inspired me to tell autobiographical stories through my sculptural and performance work. 

            I am heavily inspired by the micro-playset toys that were so prevalent in my childhood. These toys were engineered to be singular objects that open up into diorama-like worlds that inspire imaginative play in children. Often times, these toys were marketed exclusively to boys or girls with little crossover, and they could even be categorized as training tools for a heteronormative life path. 

            My work reimagines this paradigm through a queer lens. I think of my process as creating the queer toys I never had as a child, with adult queer narratives at the forefront. This combination of being both child-like and demi-monde jaded illustrates my perspective on living as a queer man of my generation in this society.